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Professional Certification:

Set Yourself Apart… with CPHIMS

  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Demonstrate your commitment
  • Demonstrate your professional standards

    HIMSS recognizes the importance of professional credentials and is committed to individual professional growth and industry success. HIMSS is pleased to offer the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS) certification.

    Demonstrate Your Expertise and Commitment – The healthcare information and management systems industry has grown tremendously over the past decade. Innovations and indusry expertise continue to fuel the growth. As an industry professional, you recognize the importance of continued growth – not just for the industry as a whole, but for your professional career as well. It is a highly competitive world out there, and it is important to set yourself apart… to demonstrate that you have the credentials, knowledge and professional standard of excellence.

    CPHIMS – The Industry Standard – The CPHIMS designation is recognized throughout the industry as a national standard of industry knowledge. The designation is an indication that you not only have met eligibility requirements and passed an exam, but you’ve accomplished so much more… demonstrating to superiors, colleagues and potential employers your dedication to the industry and high standards, and your pride in your own professionalism.
    CPHIMS designees recognize the benefit of certification. They know it is an excellent way to evaluate professional skills against the knowledge necessary to succeed in healthcare IT. The CPHIMS designation demonstrates expertise in:
  • General (Healthcare and Technology Environments
  • Systems (analyis; design; selection, implementation, support and maintenance; testing and evaluation; data integrity; privacy and security)
  • Administration (leadership and management) 
    CPHIMS Certification – It’s Worth It – What makes this designation so significant is that the exam assesses the application of knowledge, not just a recall of the facts. The intent is to measure competence, not “book learning,” with content linked to real-world tasks that professionals perform regularly and consider important to competent practice.

    As a CPHIMS, you:
  • Distinguish yourself as a certified and credentialed professional
  • Expand you career opportunities
  • Signal that you have mastered proven, broad-based concepts
  • Gain the skills and tools to help you make a difference in your career, your organization and your community
  • Possess a premier credential

    Set Yourself Apart. . .
    CPHIMS gives you an edge in the marketplace. It not only provides validation of your expertise, it demonstrates your credibility. It signals your commitment and dedication to the industry. And, it allows you to enjoy the pride of knowing that you are among an elite group in a critical field of healthcare.

    HIMSS is proud to provide the CPHIMS certification program to help you advance your career and strengthen the industry. We invite you to explore the world of HIMSS professional certification and take a look at the benefits you can gain.

    For more information on the CPHIMS certification program, please email or visit

    Preparing for the CPHIMS Exam – While the CPHIMS credential demonstrates to others that you have the expertise needed to succeed in the industry, it also proves your drive to grow professionally. The certification requires thorough preparation, yet the rewards in expanded career opportunities and recognition are significant. HIMSS provides a number of valuable educational resources to help you prepare.
  • The CPHIMS Self-Assessment Exam
  • CPHIMS Certification Exam Prep (CD-Rom Series)
  • CPHIMS Practice Workbook
  • CPHIMS Exam Preparation 3-Book Package (includes the CPHIMS Practice Workbook, Information Systems for Health Services Administration, and The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization)

    Continuing Education Approval Program:
    The HIMSS Continuing Education Approval Program offers you an opportunity to enhance your
    chapter’s image through your education programs.

    Certified professionals must participate in and document ongoing professional education to maintain their credentials. By involving your chapter’s educational programs with HIMSS continuing education, you offer attendees the opportunity to achieve their renewal goals. And, you align your chapter with professional credentials that set healthcare industry standards.

    CPHIMS Train the Trainer Program
    The Train the Trainer program, first offered at the 2006 HIMSS Annual Conference in San Diego, is a two day program for interested parties to teach the CPHIMS Review Course in their health systems, chapters and in military and other education settings. Day 2 of the program includes an adult education and training component along with a review of HIMSS policies and procedures and marketing and logistics skills for implementing the CPHIMS Review Course. The first day of the program is the CPHIMS Review Course, which provides an overview of the test components.

    With growing awareness and interest in the value of the CPHIMS credential (Certified Professional in Health Information and Management Systems), the Train the Trainer program seeks to provide more expansive opportunities for those interested in taking the CPHIMS exam to prepare by taking the Review Course. Trainers teach the review course in a variety of regional settings, as well as during the HIMSS Annual Conference and HIMSS Summit.

    Certified CPHIMS Trainers are credentialed across the U.S., South America and Hong Kong. HIMSS congratulates the Trainers that have embarked on new opportunities to teach the CPHIMS Review Course. HIMSS will post upcoming Review Course opportunities provided by these Trainers on the HIMSS website calendar and via e-newsletters. In addition, the Trainers will provide a web-based CPHIMS Review Course for those interested who are not able to attend a regional or national meeting. For additional information about the CPHIMS Train the Trainer program, please contact:Susan Farrell, HIMSS Manager of Education. 

    Healthcare Leadership Alliance (HLA) Competency Directory 
    The Healthcare Leadership Alliance (HLA) released the results of a landmark effort to identify competencies that are important across diverse professional roles within healthcare management. The HLA Competency Directory is an interactive tool to ensure that future healthcare leaders have the training and expertise they need to successfully meet the challenges of managing the nation’s healthcare. The HLA is comprised of the nation’s premier professional societies representing over 100,000 members across the healthcare management disciplines.
  • American College of Healthcare Executives 
  • American College of Physician Executives 
  • American Organization of Nurse Executives 
  • Healthcare Financial Management Association 
  • Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society 
  • Medical Group Management Association and its certifying body, the American College of Medical Practice Executives

    Visit the Healthcare Leadership Alliance website at

    HIMSS Advancement:
    HIMSS strongly emphasizes and encourages professional development and contributions to the healthcare industry for its members. As such, national members have the opportunity to be recognized for their dedication to the society and the industry by applying for Senior Member or Fellow Status. HIMSS national members are chosen for advancement after meeting several criteria based on professional capability, experience, leadership and service to their profession.

    Individuals who have advanced to Senior Member or Fellow status are leaders within the society implying not only recognition for past contributions but also the expectation of continuing participation and contributions to HIMSS and the healthcare community.

    HIMSS Online Advancement Application

    For more information contact Megan McGuirk, the HIMSS Advancement Program Coordinator at 312-915-9269 or e-mail

    *Candidates may respond online by submitting their resume or contacting the client directly if information has been included in the ad.