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Greater Chicago HIMSS Webinar Series

GCCHIMSS Webinars and Presentations

Mark Sexton - 

Iowa Chapter Meeting Presentations

April 3, 2018 Session Material

Mark Miller - Marshalltown Disaster Receovery
Bruce P. Eckert - EHR Vendor Market
Mark Sexton - Medical Devices and Patient Safety

November 6th & 7th, 2018 Session Material
John Richardson - Discovery Datalytics 
Emily Ward -  Finding Joy in Your Workplace
Ali Pabrai - Cyber Immune Defense: HITRUST CSF Delivers an Active Cyber Defense
Stephen Stewart - Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN)
Paul Barbosa - Cyber Security at CISCO
Michael Parisi -  Leveraging HITRUST as Part of Your Risk Management Program
Steve Bergeron - Enhancing Relationships & Increasing Credibility

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April 4, 2018 Session Material

Tina Ervin - Patient Portal and Patient Engagement
 Angie Shriver and Gary Davis -  Great River Health Systems Patient Portal
Dale Emerson - The New IHIN
Brian Cassady and Keri Semrau - MyChart at UI HealthCare
Amy Larson - The Patient Portal Journey at UnityPoint Health
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September 12, 2017 Session Material

Dr. Paul Mulhausen - Pay for Value - Impact on Health Information Technology
Sandy Swallow and Michelle Brunsen - Unlocking the Door to the Quality Payment Program
John Orosco and Dave Levin - Unleash the Value of Your EMR

January 18, 2017 Session Material

Jim Green - Reaching Patient Data Interoperability
Jim Tufts - Value-Based Reimbursement
Katie Tunning - Data Governance

May 2-3, 2016 Session Material

Ali Pabrai - Cyber Risk = Business Risk
Carolyn Turvey - Patient Engagement
Danika Brinda - Information Governance
Danika Brinda - CSA Inspire Big Thinking
Jane Boucher - How To Build A Winning Team
Jill Budde - Creative Leadership
Jo Ellen Whitney - What Changes, Stays the Same, New Focus, Same Problems in HIPAA Compliance
Lee Painter - IT Security
Lindsey Wisham - Prezi Presentation - The eCQM Ecosystem 
Lucia Zielinski - MARCA Presentation
Mac McMillan -  Understanding Hacking Threats
Matt Thompson - Thirty-Five and Leading
Paul Mulhausen - Population Health Management
Stan Rankins - Use Of HL7 Specifications
Susan Brown - Practice Transformation
Thomas Molyneux - Taming The Paper Tiger
Thomas Molyneux - Workflow With A KISS

January 21, 2016 Session Material

Rich Byers - Transforming Healthcare: Technology & the “Internet of Things”
Brandon Ebken - IoT - Applications in Health Care
Erin Ekongshaug - Value Based Care in Rural Iowa - Lessons Learned to Date

September 16, 2015 Session Material

Lorna Waggoner, HIMSS HIPAA Security Rule 101
Dr. Timothy Gutshall, ACO Payment Models
Matt Beglinger, The Hope of HIM
Harms and Gustafson, Improving Quality Outcomes with Analytics

May 6, 2015 Session Material

Tim McCoy, Mercy ACO Discussion
Dianne Wasson, ACO Population Health: Raising the Bar Along the Journey
Jonathan Niloff, Population Health Analytics
William Langley, Population Health Scorecard
Jerry Bridge, Connection, Collaboration & Creativity in a World Gone Wired
Principles, Tools, & Practices for Taking Better Self Care at Work and in Life

January 22, 2015 Session Material

Iowa Medical Board of Medicine’s proposed Telehealth Standards information

September 8, 2014 Session Material
Ali Pabrai, HIMSS Iowa Cyber HIPAA
JoEllen Whitney, HIMSS Compliance Risk HIPAA

May 8, 2014 Session Material
George Morris, Mobility Devices in Healthcare and HIPAA Compliance
Lorren Pettit, The Value of HIT: Latest insights from HIMSS and HIMSS Analytics
Kim Tichy, Update from Iowa's Immunization Registry Information System
John Satre, Meaningful Use and Electronic Laboratory Reporting Stage 2

January 29, 2014 Session Material
Barb Bunge, ICD-10-CM/PCS: Myths, Facts and Considerations

Lisa Asbell, ICD 10 Iowa HIMSS
Deb Bass, HIE Panel Iowa HIMSS
Tiffanie Hickman, HIE Panel Iowa HIMSS
Kim Norby, HIE Panel Iowa HIMSS
James Tracy, Health Exchanges, Iowa HIMSS

September 10, 2013 Session Material
Stacy Hall, ICD-10 Payer Perspective - Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Joydip Roy, What to Do When an Auditor Knocks
Mac McMillan, What We Learned From the OCR Random Audit Program
Mac McMillan, Culture of Privacy & Security, What Does That Mean?

May 14, 2013 Session Material
Robert J. Hartl, Understanding & Overcoming Resistance to Change
Deb Bass, Community Betterment Through HIE
Randy Haskins, Virtual Training for Iowa HIT Day

Phil Wasson, Integrating Multiple Vendor Interoperablity into an IHE Integrated Health Information Exchange
Kim Norby, Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN)

January 13, 2013 Session Material:
Mary DeVany, Are you Really Ready for Telehealth?
Pam Halverson, Suppporting Accountable Care in Our Region
Tim Hulen, Remote Presence like Really Being There
The Future of Healthcare
Positive Power of Being Strange


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