Affiliate Agreement

The affiliate Agreement is the terms of service between HIMSS and the chapter affiliate, which defines and governs the affiliate relationship. The affiliate agreement specifies what both parties are responsible for, financial terms and legal responsibility. By signing the affiliate agreement, the affiliate acknowledges understanding of HIMSS policies indicated and agrees to the outlined terms. In turn, HIMSS agrees to fulfil their obligations of the terms of support to the chapter affiliates.

In 2012, HIMSS reviewed and re-issued a new standardized Affiliate Agreement in which all chapters and HIMSS President & CEO signed. The agreement outlines the relationship between HIMSS and the Chapters, protecting both parties. Aspects of the agreement include:

  • Territory
  • Relationship of the Parties
  • HIMSS Responsibilities
  • Chapter Responsibilities
  • Reporting & Corporate Status Obligations
  • License of HIMSS trademarks/branding
  • Termination

HIMSS Standardized Chapter Affiliate Agreement