Telehealth Action Alert!

Celebrate NHIT Week!

Founded by HIMSS and the Institute for e-Health Policy in 2006, National Health IT (NHIT) Week gives us an opportunity to celebrate the value of IT in healthcare. Health IT continues to evolve to support HIMSS’ legislative priorities, including supporting care transformation, expanding access to high quality care, increasing economic opportunity, and making communities healthier.

To help celebrate NHIT week, join us in our NHIT call to action by asking your elected officials to cosponsor the CONNECT for Health Act of 2017 (H.R. 2556 and S.1016). If you are located in Representative Dave Loebsack’s district, you can also thank him for cosponsoring this legislation in September 2017.

To support NHIT week on social media, please use the following hashtags and feel free to share your story on how health IT has made a positive impact in your health system or in your own life.



For more information about NHIT Week, please visit the NHIT Web site and the HIMSS Legislative Action Center.

HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Roundtable

HIMSS Iowa participates in the HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Roundtable (CAR) program. CAR provides an opportunity for Chapter members to coordinate advocacy efforts at the grassroots level to build the political will for legislation that leverages health information technology (IT) and management systems to save lives, improve outcomes of care, and reduce costs. For more information on CAR or to become a Chapter Advocate, e-mail Cody Zoss at or visit You can also visit the HIMSS Action Center and HIMSS IT Public Policy Web page for additional information on important policy issues. 

Chapter Advocates

HIMSS Iowa utilizes Chapter Advocates to drive prioritized legislation forward. Chapter Advocates are HIMSS Iowa members who volunteer to participate in CAR. Chapter Advocates advocate on behalf of HIMSS and HIMSS Iowa to further health IT policy and build political will for key legislation by calling or writing in to their representatives, meeting with their representatives, and lending their expertise to educational events and panels. Chapter Advocates become health IT subject-matter experts through interactions with CAR. Current Chapter Advocates include:

  • Cody Zoss, Roundtable Chair
  • Joy Selleck, Roundtable Vice-Chair
  • Lisa Buland
  • Richard Daswick
  • Benjamin Lefever
  • Bill Coddington
  • Nick Jones

For more information on CAR or to become a Chapter Advocate, e-mail Cody Zoss at

Legislative Priorities

Top HIMSS legislative issues this year include:

Supporting Care Transformation

  • Quality, Safety and Outcomes
  • Clinical & Administrative Efficiency
  • Interoperability, Health Information Exchange & Infrastructure
  • Innovation & Research
  • Information Privacy and Security
  • Patient Activation and Engagement

Expanding Access to High Quality Care

  • Connected Health
  • Equity

Increasing Economic Opportunity

  • Workforce Development
  • Economic Growth

Making Communities Healthier

  • Population Health Management
  • Public Health

HIMSS Resources

HIMSS Action Center 
HIMSS mobilizes its members around the country and seeks to perform multiple levels of outreach activities to members of Congress and their staff through a variety of initiatives, providing accurate information about health information technology (IT) to help them make effective public policy decisions. Learn how to take action now.

Health IT Public Policy
HIMSS believes that the appropriate use of information technology (IT) and management systems can transform healthcare to save lives, improve outcomes of care and reduce costs. Learn about key issues in health IT public policy.

Additional Resources

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